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Answer the following questions.
Q1NO REFERENCE PAGE In 1 paragraph, respond to this question:
Assessment is a process of gathering information about children. Describe your experience with assessment tools used to assess children’s learning, the environment, developmental stage, or others.
Talk about your experience with the tool and explain why, in your opinion, assessment is important for early childhood education.
Q2NO REFERENCE PAGE In 1paragraphs, respond to this question:
Discuss some of the issues and trends in assessing young children.
Q3. WITH REFERENCE PAGE In 1 paragraph, respond to this question:
There are many challenges for teachers of children who are learning English. A major issue is identification of ELLs children for special education services. Find ONE newspaper, Internet, and journal article(attach a PDF of this document) that discuss this topicDiscuss difficultiesin identifying ELLs children for special services as well as misidentification issues. Use at least 2 concepts from the chapter to strengthen your essay and refer to the page or quote from the chapter(check PDF’s below for chapter)
Q4. NO REFERENCE PAGE In 1 paragraphs, respond to this question:
Describe your own experience taking a standardized test. Was it a good experience? How did it feel when you were taking it? Do you think education should embrace or move away from standardized testing? Why?


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