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English 1302

Literary Analysis Assignment

A good literary analysis requires the reader to interpret, evaluate, and theorize about literary writings. When writers do a literary analysis of other writings, they should read the article they are critiquing thoroughly and do some interpretation of writing as a way to evaluate and theorize the value of the piece. Remember that a literary analysis is written not merely to provide the readers an understanding of the piece but also to judge the worth of the writing. However, like all other academic analysis, the critique must first demonstrate that he/she has made a sincere attempt at understanding the content, structure, the rhetorical dimensions and the context of the literary writing before he/she attempts at critiquing it. Lacking this, the literary analysis will be flawed, losing it’s worth and misleading the readers.
Most literary writings begin with a content summary of the literary piece that is being reviewed, followed by points of analysis/observations, and concluded with an evaluation. For the literary analysis assignment in this class, you are required to write a minimum of 750 words analysis of a piece chosen from your reading list.

Required Structure for the Literary Analysis Paper:

Summary of the article that is being critiqued:


  • Must be concise and not longer than one paragraph long.
  • Must present a fair understanding of the genre and context
  • Must demonstrate a fair comprehension of literary piece.
  • Must provide a thesis that is relevant to the literary piece


3 critical points of analysis.


  • Analysis points: Author’s Purpose, Author’s Point of View, Plot, Theme, Characterization, Setting, Thematic Analysis, Structure, Moral, Mood, and Use of Literary Devices (Foreshadowing, Simile, Metaphor, Dialogue, Allegory, Irony, Alliteration, Paradox, Repetition, Tragic Flaw, Imagery, etc.)
  • The literary analysis must evaluate the literary writing with a minimum of three points of analysis.
  • Each analysis point must all be relevant to the thesis.
  • Each analysis or observation must be supported by textual evidence or references.


Evaluation of the Literary piece


  • Did the literary piece, although fictional say something about real life?
  • Is it a work of art that’s fairly complex but unified?
  • Does it set forth a wholesome view of life?
  • Is it original in some ways?
  • Does it deal with an important subject?
  • Overall, was the article a worthy read?



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