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  • Each essay must make a well-supported argument with well-integrated sources and be based on the assigned prompts below. To get a passing grade: you must support an arguable thesis based on your own thoughts about your topic and the sources you have read and the research you have conducted; each must also be a 1,000-1,300 words, have 5-6 sources minimum (see the individual requirements for each essay) that are cited in the style required for each essay. See the syllabus about the other requirements as far as rough draft, final draft, and revision submissions.
  • Sources must be well-integrated in the text of the essay with the use of direct quotation, summary, and paraphrase as well as in-text citations. A Works Cited must be included, and though it is the last page of your essay it does not count as part of the word requirement!
  • You will upload your drafts on Moodle. 
  • You will be asked to identify the portions of the sources you used and submit hard copies of your sources in a folder or files of your sources online.
  • Be sure to review the rubrics and checklist in The Composition and Rhetoric Guide as you draft and revise!

 Option 1: Argue a significant change in the group or factor related to happiness.
 Option 2: You’ll do your own study on your topic, and then in an essay modeled off a scholarly research article, you will report what previous scholars have said, how you conducted your study, your findings from your own field research, and your conclusions based on your research.
 NEW OPTION 2: Those who have planned to do your own study will refocus your topic by trying to do library research on your group/focus point on the narrowed topic you brought up in your prospectus but you’ll no longer just apply it to your university –it will apply to all colleges and universities (you are allowed to focus on certain regions of the country or certain type of colleges, for instance, smaller, mostly commuter universities that serve a specific region). You are welcome to work in some interviews to help you get a range of ideas to use as possible examples. If you plan to do this, you will need to use a consent form that I’ll have available on Moodle. If you are conducting interviews, you must be aware that only interviewing a few people will only give you limited information and you’ll have to be careful about what assumptions you make and how you use the interviews in your essays.

  • Things to consider if you are writing about change: Have things always been this way? If not, what sparked a change? What caused the problem/issue to begin or become significant? What kind of impact did the significant change have on members of your selected group or on the impression of the factor you are focused on? How do current college students reflect/or not reflect this change?
  • If you are doing the new option 2, you’ll figure out an argument based on your narrowed prospectus focus and how it applies to your group or factor in colleges and universities.

Required minimum source guidelines:

  • at least 2 scholarly secondary source from an academic journal
  • at least 1 secondary nonfiction book source (does not need to be scholarly)
  • at least 1 primary nonfiction source or at least 1 creative media primary source (try to have both of these because you’ll be more likely to meet the final essay 4 required sources)
  • a reliable source of any type (student’s choice) that is appropriate for an academic audience and purpose
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