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Read both responses below and respond as a patient who has experienced the issue identified in your classmates’ posts. Answer the questions listed below:
Þ  What role does customer satisfaction play in your decision to utilize the health care facility in the future based on the findings?
Þ  What would you expect as the patient? Explain your answer.
Response 1)   Gallup Service Unit– National Patient Safety Goal:
Safety Goal: The organization identifies safety risks inherent in its patient population
Organization should: Identifying Individuals at Risk for Suicide
If the hospital staff is unable to identify those at risk for suicide, they will be ineffective in helping prevent suicide in the area. It is the job of the nurse to ask about suicidal or homicidal ideations, and it is important that they are not asking this question on auto-pilot, they should be watching and listening to the patient intently. The risk to the staff is if a patient mentions suicidal ideations that are not taken seriously the healthcare members that saw the patient could face malpractice charges. This is an important aspect of patient care in the rural towns of New Mexico where homelessness, mental health conditions, and alcoholism are at an all time high.
Transitional Hospital Corporation of New Mexico, Inc
Safety Goal: Improve the effectiveness of communication among caregivers.
Organization should: Timely Reporting of Critical Tests and Critical Results
The safety goal of communication applies to so much more than timely reporting of tests and results. If the safety goal of communication is not met all staff, patients, and hospital as an organization is at risk for some type of collateral damage. The timely reporting of critical tests and results is most impactful to the patients, as the results will determine a treatment plan which could impact the rest of their lives. Also, a delayed report of critical results could cause the patient’s condition to worsen, leading to the possibility of a malpractice allegation. Many hospitals and clinics now have voice pager type systems in place for expedient communication, however if staff members fail to charge the battery, or misplace the unit, they could cause a delay in communication.
While I found both hospitals to have the same goals, with the same “organization should” the differences were in the services offered. The “affluent” hospital, Transitional Hospital Corporation of New Mexico, offers testing, laboratory services, diagnostic services, ICU services, and many more in a single location. The Gallup Service Unit offers many services but they are spread throughout several locations in Gallup- which could become inconvenient.  If you are looking for well-rounded care in one location, similar to that of a managed care facility, you would need to go to the bigger town (Albuquerque) for a more affluent hospital.
Response 2).   The city and state that I choose was Prescott, AZ.
·  Prescott House
o  National Patient Safety Goal- Reduce the risk of health care-associated infections
o  Organization should -Meeting Hand Hygiene Guidelines
§  The implications to the patient, staff should follow is the wash hands in warm water with soap for no less then 20 seconds and then dry. You should wash hands after using the restroom, before eating, before and after treating wounds or cuts, after touching garbage and after blowing nose, coughing or sneezing.
·  Bob Stump Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center
o  National Patient Safety Goal- Improve the safety of using medications
o  Organization should-Reconciling medication information
§  The implications to the patient, and staff  to follow the procedure is for patients to be honest about the medication that they are taking and if staff to prescribe medication only if needed and check for inaction with other medication.
·  When comparing and contrasting the differences between the two facilities: Prescott House is  a rehab house and behavioral health organization. while the Bob Stump VA is a medical center that has an emergency room, health clinics, pharmacy, assisted living area and laboratory.  Prescott House did not have any national improvement goals listed while the Bob Stump VA did for their emergency room department.
After reviewing the two facilities there is room for improvement by having the accreditation quality reports due yearly as Bob Stump VA was from 2017 and Prescott House from 2018. If the reports are complete but there is no follow up or reevaluation yearly how can health care improve its quality of car


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