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Environmental science homework help

Environmental science homework help. Instructions
We are obviously living through a strange, sometimes frightening time, with
consequences that reach into every aspect of our lives. Since we were
talking about food before we left for Spring Break, for this reaction paper, I
want each group to contemplate how the current pandemic intersects with
food, and what changes result? Rather than engaging with a particular
assigned reading (which was not given), papers should address the
following questions:
How has your relationship with food changed over the past several weeks
as a result of the developing pandemic? What aspects of the food system
(how food is produced, distributed, sold) have shaped these changing
relationships? Do you think the food system needs to change to reflect the
challenges presented by the spread of infectious disease, or to become
more robust in the face of these and future crises?
Please write an essay that is between 400 and 700 words (if you write
more this is not a problem, although you should resist the temptation to
allow a paper to be longer than it needs to be simply because you don’t
want to “edit down”. In other words, sometimes an essay is 900 words but
should be 700. It’s easier to leave it at 900, but it’s better if it is boiled down
to 700. On the other hand, there are plenty of good essays that are longer
than 700 words, so don’t worry if you go over the limit as long as it’s still
All the usual standards and expectations apply.
Also, because I realize that many of you are working across time-zones
and will not necessarily be able to be online at the time time, I have
extended the usual deadline. Rather than writing these “in class”, you have
several days to finish writing them. This way, groups can still collaborate
asynchronously using Google Docs or a similar cloud service, in which the
document you’re writing doesn’t need to be emailed back and forth, but is
hosted on a cloud-based platform. I encourage you all to make extensive
use of the “commenting” function in whatever software you use, which
allows you to make notes/tags like, “I think we need to say more here about
X.” Since we have a quiz coming up for Wednesday, I will give you until
Friday, March 27 at 3:30pm to turn in these essays.
Only one submission per group needs to be submitted, but please
remember to include the names of all students who participated in the
writing at the top of the page.

Environmental science homework help


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