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For each of the following even

For each of the following events or transactions, prepare the necessary journal entry or entries and identify the fund or funds that will be affected.
1. A governmental unit collects fees totaling $4,500 at the municipal pool. The fees are charged to recover costs of pool operation and maintenance.
2. A county government that serves as a tax collection agency for all towns and cities located within the county collects county sales taxes totaling $125,000 for the month.
3. A $1,000,000 bond offering was issued, with a premium of $50,000, to subsidize the construction of a city visitor center.
4. A town receives a donation of $50,000 in bonds. The bonds should be held indefinitely, but bond income is to be donated to the local zoo. The zoo is not associated with the town.
5. A central printing shop is established with a $150,000 nonreciprocal transfer from the general fund.
6. A $1,000,000 revenue bond offering was issued at par by a fund that provides water and sewer services to residents of nearby communities for a fee. The funds are to be used for facility expansion.
7. A village is awarded a grant of $250,000 from the state government for highway beautification. The general fund provides a $50,000 loan, because grant funds will be disbursed after valid expenditures are documented.
8. Property taxes of $5,000,000 are levied by a city government. One percent is considered uncollectible, and the taxes will be used to fund current obligations.


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