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Geography homework help

Mid-Term Take-Home Examination – Answer FIVE these questions. Each one answer  is worth 20 points,  so be comprehensive and please type answers.
1) Describe the difference in the flow of energy that occurs during seasonal change. Use terms like axial tilt, revolution, insolation, solstice, etc.
2) How do the layers of the atmosphere protect the earth?  Describe them and what they do.
3) Explain the links to geography created by COVID 19 Pandemic.
4) Explain the hydrologic and atmospheric processes are interconnected and how they shape the Earth.
5) Describe the role that convection plays in the Earth-sun relationship.
6) Describe the heat properties of water, and identify the heat traits of its three phases; solid, liquid and gas.
7) Describe the ocean conditions that create an El Nino and how that affects global climates.
8) Describe how the loss of Arctic ice affects  changes the climate.
9) Describe the difference between weather and climate.
10) What have you learned from your Weather Journal?


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