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Geology homework help

Geology homework help.  
Homework: Rivers (50 points)
Due 3/25

  1. Write the equation for discharge: ____________________


  1. A river has a cross-sectional area of 15 ft2 and a velocity of 2 ft/second. The discharge of this river is _____________________.


  1. Describe the four different types of drainage patterns using two sentences each. The sentences must be both be relevant true facts.

Radial –
Dendritic –
Trellis –
Rectangular –

  1. A fast-moving river will cut a ________________ shaped valley.
  2. U
  3. V
  4. Square
  5. Trellis


  1. Explain cutbanks and point bars in 2-3 sentences.

The next several sections deal with several large river systems. You will need to do some research on your own to answer these questions. Some of these questions may be answered using Google Maps or Google Earth.
The Rivers of the Palouse: The Columbia and Snake Rivers

  1. What is the discharge of the Columbia River?


  1. Where does the Columbia River originate?


  1. Where does the Snake River connect to the Columbia River?
  2. Where does the Columbia River empty out into the Pacific Ocean?


  1. Use either Google Earth or Google Maps (in satellite view) to view the area around Kendrick, Idaho. What is the river drainage pattern seen on the map?

The Mississippi River System

  1. How old is the Mississippi River?


  1. How old is the Earth?
  2. Several major rivers flow into the Mississippi River. Rivers that flow into a larger river are called tributaries of that river. What are the five largest tributaries of the Mississippi River?


  1. Describe the area drained by the Mississippi River in one to two sentences. Put another way, describe the part of North America (using geographic descriptions) where the water that goes into the Mississippi River comes from.


  1. What is the discharge of the Mississippi River?
  2. How does the discharge of the Mississippi River compare to the discharge of the Columbia River?


  1. Discuss some of the economic value of the Mississippi River in 2- 3 sentences.


  1. Discuss one of the major Mississippi River floods that has occurred in the last 100 years using 3-4 sentences.

The Nile River

  1. How long is the Nile River?


  1. How wide is the United States?


  1. Where does the Nile River originate?


  1. Where does the Nile River empty out into the sea?
  2. Find the location where the Nile River empties into the sea. What is the triangle shaped feature at the mouth of the Nile called? Describe it.


  1. What other triangular/fan shaped feature results from sediment being dropped out of a river?


  1. Why is the floodplain of the Nile River important? Tell me why the floodplain of the Nile River is important in one to two sentences. The answer is not “because it is the area that floods.”

The Amazon River

  1. What mountain range feeds the Amazon River system?


  1. What type of plate boundary formed this mountain range?


  1. What is the discharge of the Amazon River?


  1. What is the drainage pattern like for the Amazon system?
  2. What is the wildlife like in the Amazon River? Tell me about the life supported by the Amazon River in 5-8 sentences.

The Ganges River – Put all of your answers below together into sentences and paragraphs.
You now have several ways to discuss rivers. Pick three of the following questions to answer about the Ganges River and answer them. If the question has a sentence requirement, you must follow the sentence requirement when answering:
Pick three of the following previous questions to answer for the Ganges River:
#14, #16, #17, #18, #25, #26, #30
For example, you may discuss the drainage area of the Ganges (#14),  the wildlife (#30), and the importance of the Ganges River to civilization (#25)
In addition, answer five additional questions from of any of numbers 6-30 for the Ganges River.

Geology homework help


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