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For this paper, you will attend a city or county  council/commission meeting    and present its topics, relevant discussion, and outcome. You will then provide    an analysis of and response to the meeting and  whether you agreed with the    steps/actions taken by the council/commission, and  explain why you agreed or    disagreed.
For students unable to attend in person, viewing a meeting  online is an    acceptable substitute.
The name of the council/commission, location, date, and  URL (if applicable)    must be included on your title page. Your paper must be at  least two pages in    length. You must include a copy of the official meeting  agenda as your    supporting documentation.
Be sure to include the following in your  paper:

  •  agenda items,
  • items that required a vote and the outcome of those votes,
  • any contentious issues and analysis of the problem, and
  • any items of particular interest.

Address  the following questions:

  • Could you determine any conservative or liberal leanings by the members          based on their comments or vote?
  • What community services were addressed in the meeting? In what ways did          the council/commission discuss supporting those services?
  • In what ways did individuals in the political minority influence decisions    made at this meeting?
  • Was the meeting what you expected? Would you have voted with the majority?          Elaborate on your response.

Any  sources used, including the textbook, must be referenced; paraphrased    and quoted  material must have accompanying citations in APA format.


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