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History homework help

Course Title: Women in Music.
Assignments #1.
4 essay questions.
Each question needs 4 paragraphs, approximately 270-300 words each questions=total 1080 – 1200 worlds.

  1. What was the name of soprano-primadonna, who broke the color barrier at Metropolitan opera house?
  2. What ballerina Marie Taglioni was famous for?


  1. 3.   With which singer is the song “Strange Fruit” most associated?


  1. 4. What student of Rosina Lhevinne became the winner of the 1st Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition in 1958?

Assignments #2. = Research paper. (5 PAGES)
Need make brief presentation of chosen singer and explain why this singer is so special for you (me). (You can mention life circumstances of this musician, her artistic features, her public image, etc., etc.)
Essay/Research paper should be at minimum five (5) double-spaced, typed pages, or 1,250 words.
For Example: Barbra Streisand; Natalie Cole; Edith Piaf; Celine Dion; Tina Turner; Jennifer Lopez; Rihanna; Madonna and etc…
(You can also pick any other Woman name outside of this list, or, as an alternative, the name of your favorite female dancer, pianist, or composer)


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