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Unit 10 Discussion
Discussion Topic
Topic: Ethical Dilemma
When a company does not make ethical conduct and decision making a priority, the consequences in some cases can be severe. As a result, companies can suffer damaged reputations that can adversely affect their brands for years.
You read about ethics and practiced with ethical approaches in the Learning Activity. Now you will apply some of what you learned to a marketing scenario.
Read the scenario and then post your response to the questions.
Energyshot is a new energy drink that is about to be introduced into the global market. You are the executive in charge of marketing it in some of the lesser developed countries such as Honduras and Haiti. You are aware that food and milk in these countries is more expensive than Energyshot. Your boss thinks that one television advertisement campaign should be sufficient for all markets, just changing the translation to suit the language differences.

  • Discuss what effect an advertising campaign touting how “the boost of energy from Energyshot will last the whole day!” will impact these lesser developed countries.
  • What are the ethical and social responsibility ramifications of a populace too poor to afford much food using this drink instead?
  • What would you do as the marketing manager for this drink for these countries?



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