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Purpose of Assignment: Through a hypothetical team-based scenario, the purpose of this assignment is to identify factors and sources that contribute to vulnerability with several (3) identified vulnerable groups and how Human Services Professionals can be of assistance.
Transferrable Skill: Teamwork
You are headed to Dr. Rasmussen’s office for your third week of supervision. When you walked by his office to get some water from the water foundation, you notice Brenda and Kelvin seated in Dr. Rasmussen’s office. After getting some water, you walk in and Dr. Rasmussen states, “Please come in and have a seat. Is it okay if group supervision was facilitated today?”. You state, “Sure, that’s fine”. Dr. Rasmussen began conversing about the diverse population of clients being served at New Directions, LLC and how we must understand the importance of celebrating all clients. He also indicated that everyone is responsible for understanding the struggles with the vulnerable populations we serve and how we must utilize evidence-based approaches in our practice.
Throughout the hour-long consultative and collaborative session, many great points were discussed in which everyone was actively engaged. As we were closing, Dr. Rasmussen stated, “I really enjoyed our dialogue today. Would the three of you be willing to develop a presentation to present to our sister agency next month on what we discussed?”  In unison, Brenda and Kelvin verbalized agreement. You also agreed to be a part of this teamwork activity. Dr. Rasmussen stated, “Great! You won’t be alone. I’m presenting on a research study I had published related to everything we just discussed. I will allow the three of you to go first and then I will present for approximately an hour. Lunch will be on me!”.
After leaving Dr. Rasmussen’s office, you, Brenda, and Kelvin walked and talked and Brenda stated, “Okay, we have 30 minutes to present at this workshop. I was thinking, we can each present 10 minutes on these 6 topics. Would you both like to choose 2 of these topics and I will do the remaining 2”? After Kelvin chose his two, you chose the following two topics:

  • Vulnerable Populations: Choose 3 different vulnerable populations. What factors create vulnerabilities for different populations?
  • Vulnerable Populations: With the 3 vulnerable populations chosen, what are the sources of vulnerability with various populations and how can Human Services Professionals evaluate these sources and professionally intervene?

Brenda then states, “This is great! I will also bring everything together to develop our presentation as well, so if you could email me your slides by the end of next week, that would be great!”
Keep in mind that you are developing a portfolio of evidence to document aspects of your work as a Human Services Professional for your evaluation. Ensuring that you are doing your part in the development of the presentation, develop a 10-15 slide presentation. It should focus on the following:

  • Vulnerable Populations: Choose 3 different vulnerable populations. (Elderly people, Homeless people, and children), What factors create vulnerabilities for these different populations?
  • Vulnerable Populations: Within your chosen, what are the sources of vulnerability and how can Human Services Professionals evaluate these sources and professionally intervene?

Each slide should contain at least 5 lines and utilize speaker notes (the white box beneath each slide) to provide details that are specific to the slide. The final slide, which is not counted in the slide count, should consist of the Reference Page.
APA Requirement: Please ensure that all referenced material is cited throughout the presentation.


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