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Information Systems homework help

  • DUE NLT 1800 EST MARCH 8, 2020
  • To give you information regarding my self and experience for the paper (you will need to elaborate, but this will get you started)
  • -I am a novice user.  I have made simple databases before this course as task management and record organization tools. -I would not look for a career as a database developer or administrator.  I took this course for advanced knowledge to help me build and manage databases at work when necessary, but not my primary job.
  • -I could use a database for everyday activities as a task management tool and managing customer records.
  • In this paper discuss the following:
    • relational database components
    • relation database history
    • any database experience you had before you took this course
    • what you learned in this class that you may apply in your current or future work
    • one way you could use databases for your daily activities
    • understanding of database normalization
    • would you make a career as a database developer or administrator?
  • Follow APA style guidelines
  • The structure of your paper should must follow this example:
    • Page 1 – the title page – must only have the title of the paper, your name, course name and session, university name, instructor name, and the date you would be writing the paper
    • Page 2 to at least page 4 (or more up to 6) discuss the points described above
    • Page 5 (or more) – title it as “References” and include any reference you used for your citations in your discussion – following APA Style guidelines


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