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Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help. 1. Explain the difference between archiving and database backup. Why are they both important?  (35%)
Archiving differs from database backup, here is a link to a somewhat dated site but with good content
2. Assume you are working for a financial institution. What information do you feel needs to be archived? Give specific examples of government laws and regulations that may apply. (30%)
3. The DBA denormalized some of the data in the Premier Products database, and one of the resulting tables is the following: (20%)
Orders (OrderNum, OrderDate, CustomerNum, CustomerName, Street, City, State, Zip, PartNum, Description, NumOrdered, QuotedPrice)
Which field or fields cause the table to no longer be in third normal form? In which normal form is the table (copy the appropriate normal form definition and explain why the table conforms to the that rule, use field names from this exercise to demonstrate your understanding of the content).
Writing Org/Clarity/Spelling/APA (15%)
Assignment word count must be 700+.
No more than 20% of the narrative portion of the submission may be direct quotes, original content is required.
Include references for each source
Submit the response in a word compatible document.

Information Systems homework help


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