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Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help. In this scenario, hackers launch cyber-attacks that affect several parts of the nation’s financial infrastructure over the course of several weeks. Specifically, sensitive credit card processing facilities are hacked and numbers are released to the Internet, causing 120 million cards to be canceled; automated teller machines (ATMs) fail nearly simultaneously across the nation; major companies report payroll checks are not being received by workers; and several large pension and mutual fund companies have computer malfunctions so severe that they are unable to operate for more than a week.
Research Paper/Report

  • Create an official report of what issues this cyber-attack has caused on the nation’s financial infrastructure.
  • From your experience, discuss how this attack could have occurred.
  • Research to find if this type of attack or a similar attack has happened before. Discuss this similar attack and how it was mitigated or are you currently working for a company that has experienced a similar attack? If so how was it mitigated? Or in your current position/experience, how would you handle this type situation?
  • Identify the countermeasures that need to be implemented to prevent these cyber-attacks from occurring in the future. Be specific in recommending countermeasures for this scenario.
  1. This paper will need follow the APA guidelines, at least 8-10 pages long excluding the title and works cited page, 12 font, double space.

Information Systems homework help


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