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Information Systems homework help

The goal of the research paper is to give students experience in researching, understanding, and describing new technical concepts they have not be exposed to before. Due to the fast pace of technological change in computer hardware and system software, IT professionals must constantly update their knowledge. IT professionals will update and expand their knowledge in many ways, including formal classroom education, on-the-job training, short courses offered by software and hardware vendors, and continual assimilation of new information from books, periodicals, web sites, and other sources. In many cases, IT professionals will be required to gain knowledge in areas for which they have little or no formal training or education.
The purpose of this research assignment is to prepare students for self-directed learning and research activities. Students will thoroughly investigate an emerging or relatively new trend or product in the field of information technology. They will communicate the results of your investigation and analysis via a 5-7 page research paper.


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