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Article Review Instructions
After reading through your assignments this week, you are to pick a topic of interest that was mentioned in the reading assignment. Using the Jerry Falwell Library and other scholarly resources, you are to locate a peer reviewed journal related to the topic of your interest. Read the journal article thoroughly so you can discuss it. If you wish to use something other than a peer reviewed journal, please consult with your instructor before starting the assignment.
You will then prepare an article review related to the topic that you researched in the research/reading assignments from the assigned module/week. The article review that you create must be at least 750 words and be formatted according to 7th edition APA style.
Use the following section order to guide you in building your article review but do not use the numbers in your section headers, only the names. Also, this is example is not in APA style, make sure your review follows APA styles, this is a guide NOT a template.
1. Bibliographical Reference:
a. Create a single bibliographical entry in 7th edition APA style in the first section of your paper. This should include:
i. Detail the author(s) of the article
ii. Name of the Journal (including volume, issue, year, page numbers, etc.)
iii. Name of the article you are reviewing.
b. Note – You may also choose to identify the article you are reviewing (i.e. – The focus of this review will be “Article Name” published in “Journal Name” in “Year/Month”) and then simply cite it in a bibliographical entry at the end (see section 7).
2. Objectives:
a. After reviewing the article, use a bulleted list to identity the 3 to 5 primary points you feel the article addresses.
b. Simply put the bulleted list of those points in your Objectives section with something to the effect of “After reviewing “Article Name” the three main points addressed by the author(s) were:
· Bullet one
· Bullet two
· Bullet three
3. Summary:
a. Summarize the article you reviewed in approximately 2 or 3 full paragraphs.
b. Do not use direct quotes at all. If you need to quote it, paraphrase what you read.
c. Use the bullets above (section 2b) to structure what you wish to discuss in this summary (i.e. – In the first paragraph, summarize the article section which addresses the first bullet in 2b and so on).
4. Results:
a. Now that you have read this article and summarized it, what do you feel that a reader can learn about the topic from the article?
b. Using bullet points, highlight the things you feel like you learned more about after reading this article. It’s best to keep this list to a maximum of 5 bullets.
c. Note – these bullets should not be identical to the bullets in the Objective Section (2b).
5. Critique:
a. Use this section to provide an academic critique of the article.
i. How well (or poorly) was this article written?
ii. Did it accomplish the objectives it set out to do (think back to the Objectives section)?
iii. Why or why not?
b. Explain your opinion and offer some additional sources (no more than one or two) to support that opinion.
c. When possible, address the subject matter from a biblical perspective (e.g. – the Bible teaches us to… and this article addresses that by…)
6. Questions:
a. List a minimum of 3 (no more than 5) questions that arose from the reading of this article in a numbered list.
b. Consider any thing you feel like you should have learned from the article but did not.
c. Note – These questions may spark your desire to review other matter on the topic and may even be used as a starting point for one of your two research papers (though this is not required).
7. Bibliography:
a. You need to use one other sources to support or deny your opinion and if you chose to only identify the article in section 1, you will want to make a bibliography.
b. Follow 7th edition APA guidelines for Bibliographies as outlined in the 7th edition APA (Current ed.).
IMPORTANT – Article reviews are DUE by 11:59ET on Sunday of the assigned Module/Week!


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