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Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help.

Assignment Instructions

Risk Index Worksheet for Comparing and Prioritizing risks
We have almost completed the process of developing our HVA. Once an Emergency Manager had completed the HVA and it has been approved by the community partners and organizations you would publish it for those involved in Emergency Management. To get there you need to ensure that you have a priority assigned to each of the hazards. You need this to also assist you in your mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery activities. For this assignment, I want you to complete the Risk Index Worksheet for Comparing and Prioritizing Risks for each type of hazard; natural, technological, and manmade.


  1. Download the EDMG101 HVA Risk Index.xlsx.  This contains a cover sheet and 3 blank tabs to fill–Natural, Technological, and Human.
  2. Fill out your name and date on the cover tab.
  3. Copy the hazards you identified in all 3 tabs from the HVA Vulnerability workbook.  Use the drop-down values in each of the column categories.  Type in any special characteristics & planning conditions.  Determine and set the risk priority.
  4. Add your first initial and last name to the filename. ie: AJones HVA Risk Index.xlsx
  5. Submit here in the classroom.

Supporting Materials

See attached file

Information Systems homework help


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