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Information Systems homework help

Information Systems homework help.

CIS 518 Discussion 1 post responses.
Respond to the colleagues posts regarding:
“Component Reuse History” Please respond to the following:
As a software engineer, what are the means of tracking you would use to track and monitor the reuse history of a component? Provide a rationale for the elements you list.
Provide at least one real-world example of a reuse situation where each piece of information should be or could have been used. Support your response.
JR’s post states the following:
I would implement/use a tracking software to track the status of components. The software will be able to track the behavior and attributes of the components. I would also track and record any error messages produced from the components. I would use these methods because they would determine what components are working properly, where issues/risk is occurring, and the complete interaction between the components.
I think the Google Pixel software is a good example of reuse. The software has been reused to make different versions of the phone. Each new version has their own unique element about them but also shares similar interactions, features, functionality etc. as its predecessor. For example, Google Pixel 3 has the fingerprint capability while that feature was removed from the Google Pixel 4. Or both versions still have the advance capabilities of the Google Assistant.
CIS 518 Discussion 2 post responses.
Respond to the colleagues posts regarding:
“Tracking What Works and What is Effective” Please respond to the following:
· Suppose you are tracking the fault density in a series of similar products so that you can monitor the effectiveness of the new inspection process you introduced. Over time, you find that the fault density decreases. Explain how you would determine whether the falling fault density is the result of inspections, increased understanding of the product, or sloppy inspection and development activities.
· Describe what you would do if the fault density increases and explain how you would determine the causes of this increase.
JR’s post states the following:
I would select different modules to analyze and record findings. Then I would compare the selected modules to determine which one is faulty and record the data. I would compare data composed of the modules in different cycles. From the reading, if the fault density is higher than expected then is assumed that the product is larger than planned, inspections are conducted accurately or product quality is low (Pfleeger, S. L., Altee, J. M. 2010). Again, I would conduct an analysis inspecting calculations, coding, interactions and other relevant elements and determine whether the size of the project has changed and then record my findings. I would compare data from previous cycles to current cycles and determine the discrepancies. Fault density is a vital element in SDLC, it used to compare the number of defects in the software which in return helps the team determine if additional testing or reengineering is necessary.
Pfleeger, S. L., Altee, J. M. (2010). Software engineering: Theory and practice (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Information Systems homework help


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