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Law homework help

Law homework help.

Identify a federal or state policy/program that has either been proposed or already exists. Complete a policy/program analysis using a policy analysis model that has been discussed in class.
– The social issue that it addresses that is your primary concern.
In completing this paper, you should identify not only the policy, but include a brief discussion of the process related to the policy, i.e. when the policy was introduced? What was the political and social context within which it arose? What social problem was it intended to address? In other words, answer all questions put forth in your chosen analysis model.
Your paper should be a minimum of 10 pages in length, NOT including the title page, abstract, and reference pages. Students are to use Times New Roman, with 12-point font size and the current APA reference manual for source quotation and references. Ten (10) sources are required for this paper.
Examples of policies that may be analyzed include the following:
The Amended Americans with Disabilities Act of 2008
The Immigration Act of 1990
The Affordable Care Act of 2010
Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996
The Patriot Act
Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 2001
BE CERTAIN TO USE THE HEADINGS BELOW. The policy paper should include the following components.
1 – Title Page, name of your analysis, your name, and institutional affiliation.
2 – Nature of the Problem. What is the nature of the problem? How is it
defined? Who defined it as a problem?
3 – History and current status of policy, previous efforts that have been made to
solve the problem and reasons the problem still exists. What earlier policies
dealt with the problem?
4 – Population Affected by Policy – What is the population affected by the policy?
What is the size of the population? Characteristics which define the
5 – Social Values – What social values are related to the problem? Are there any
value conflicts?
6 – Goals of Policy – What are the goals of the policy, both stated and implied?
7 – Public Perception – This section will discuss how any stakeholders, voting
public, the press, and legislators may feel about the issue. You should
identify groups that would support or oppose a policy. Summarize competing
views represented by the opposing side.
8 – Delivery System – How will policy be carried out? Who will provide what
services? What are eligibility rules? What are its benefits?
9 – Alternative Solutions – What alternatives are there to solve problems
10 – Cost Effectiveness and Outcomes – How cost effective is the policy? How is
it funded? Does it meet its goals? Does it address the social problem that it
is intended to address? What are its intended consequences? Who will bear
the brunt of the program’s costs?
11 – Potential Effects – Explain any unintended consequences and ways they can
be solved.
12 – Strengths and Weaknesses of Policy – Discuss what you believe are the
strengths and weaknesses of policy. For example, what is its impact on
people of color, the elderly, poor, women, children, gays and lesbians,
immigrants, and other vulnerable groups? In what ways would you change
the policy or program to meet its goals, to address the social problem and to
better achieve social justice?
13 – Summary – Include a brief sentence or two from each section.
14 – References
1. Comprehensiveness in addressing the assignment outline.
2. Neatness, grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.
3. Proper citations.
4. Bibliography.

Law homework help


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