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Hospitality Law-Homework 3
Photography in action
The suggested length is 8-12 paragraphs with no maximum limitation.
Take one or more clear photographs of the following (a) A warning sign in use at one or more businesses; and/or (b)A “not responsible” sign in use at one or more businesses; (c)an access policy displayed by sign-ex no screaming children, no pets, a dress code etc; (d)an ADA accommodation-ex a swimming pool lift. Discuss this photograph in an 8-12 paragraph essay where you discuss the following issues—Where and when the photographs were taken, why the business uses the policy or devices in your opinion, your opinion on the effectiveness of the policy or device, and the legal implications of using the device. Obtain consent for the photos where appropriate. Submit an electronic version of any digital photos taken. If you are photographing with film, submit an actual photograph. You need 8-12 paragraphs on this, so you may want to take multiple photos of different situations. If you are unable to take an actual photograph, you may use an electronic image that you obtained in any authorized way.


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