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Human Resource Management MGT 350
Please respond to the questions below.
Please provide a full paragraph (appx. 250 words) in response to each question.
It is suggested that you use a reasonable amount of bold, italics, underlining, etc. to make your response more readable. Limited use of bullet points is also acceptable.

  1. Think of a hotel or motel where you stayed in the past. Did you have a positive, enjoyable experience? Please include a lot of details—the name of the hotel, the city, purpose of your visit to that area, length of stay, etc. (If necessary, you can ask someone else who travels frequently for business, vacations, etc.)

Include 2-3 specific points and in-depth discussion of how training employees at that particular location related to your level of customer satisfaction during your stay. Additionally, please discuss how training employees in general relates to overall levels of customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry [25 points]

  1. Please consider & discuss how training hotel employees at the Hotel Paris chain might actually “increase length of stay and return rate of guests” (p.252). How could the Human Resources department work with other functions (Marketing, Accounting, IT, Finance, etc.) to help achieve the goal of “boost[ing] revenues and profitability”? [25 points]


  1. Think of a specific organization–such as your workplace (previous or present),
    a store, restaurant or other business that you frequent, or even a hospital, government agency, etc. If you were the HR manager of that organization who was concerned about improving performance appraisals in that setting, what would you include on the ‘checklist’ of expected employee behaviors?

NOTE: Your response should focus on one job position in the organization. Be thinking along the lines of a ‘job description’ as you develop your response to this question.
Be sure to give this question a LOT of thought—in order to provide a substantial response. Also, make sure that you focus on relevant and measureable workplace behaviors. [25 points]

  1. On p.253, the case study mentions the videoconference-based online training and development program for assistant managers. It allows them to “interact with other assistant managers around the chain, even as they were learning the basics of their new jobs.”

Please list some specific topics and/or day-to-day issues that these assistant managers in the hotel industry might discuss on such a platform.
Also, how would such a system would benefit the Hotel Paris? [25 points]


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