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Management homework help

Management homework help. Please write the question first and then type your answer below it. Your submission should be within 2-3 pages long excluding the cover page. No external citations needed. Just answer based on your reading of the case. Please format using Times New Roman, 12 font size and single space.

  1. All car rental companies provide customers with the temporary use of a car. What were major activities that Enterprise engaged in to create its unique rental experience? To what extent were these similar to or different from activities other car rental companies performed. Which of Enterprise’s activities were possible or successful because of locations it had chosen to operate in?
  2. What are the key assets (tangible and intangible) that enabled Enterprise to engage in its distinctive set of activities? What did Enterprise do with its assets? Could Enterprise assets be imitated by competitors?
  3. Would Avis and Hertz, which had begun to enter the local market in car rental business, be able to replicate Enterprise’s success? Why or why not? Consider how Enterprise’s choice of activities helped it create assets it otherwise may not have possessed.
  4. Would the growth in the popularity of Zipcar and other car-sharing services affect Enterprise’s future profitability? What, if anything, should Enterprise do in anticipation of continued growth in car sharing?
  5. What could be one core the difference between the business strategy and corporate strategy for Enterprise? Was car sharing a threat to Enterprise’s core local rental business?
  6. What were the strengths and weaknesses of Enterprise’s human resource strategy? Was it a mistake for Enterprise to target students in the bottom half of the class? Enterprise experienced high turnover among new hires in the first two years. Was that a problem that should have been addressed?

Please do not use any sources that are available to you other than the case itself. No citations are needed. NO COPYING from INTERNET. Please write all answers in your words.

Management homework help


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