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Management homework help

Management homework help. You have just opened a healthcare center in a major American city. You have a handful of employees and your main business is to provide urgent-care medical services, pharmacy, patient education, and various kinds of therapy. Answer the following questions?
1. How will you be competitive and provide services at a reasonable cost using technology and innovation?
2. How will you be able to sustain a competitive advantage using technology and innovation?
3. What measures would you take to initiate innovative strategies within your company?
4. Explain what type of innovations is available to you, including dominant design, and incorporate that into your strategy for initiating innovation strategy.
5. What type of technologies, innovations, and so forth. will enable you to become a first mover and describe how and when you will implement these strategies?
6. Describe your strategies for assessment of company performance by using Porter’s fiveforce model, stakeholder analysis, and other measures. What areas of competition do you need to be especially cognizant of in order to remain competitive and relevant in the healthcare provider industry?
Your report should be 4 pages in APA format and contain detailed and convincing reasons in support of each one of your recommendations. It is imperative that the support offered for each of your recommendations be based on analysis-based conclusions.

Management homework help


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