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Management homework help

Management homework help.

Select a public corporation, non-profit, or private entity of your choice. Larger, public firms will
often have more information available through their website and other publicly available sources.
Using a variety of sources, write a paper that seeks to understand their business strategy with the
following questions in mind (not necessary in that order).
• What kind of industry are they involved in? Who is their competition?
• A look at the business financial management as a function of strategic management
• How has strategic management integrated with technology of the company
• How job functions (such as strategic manager) are involved in running day-to-day
• What is the future of strategic planning for this company?
• What makes this company a great leader or otherwise?
Complete your assignment in the following format:
• Use a word processing program with a font size of 12 and side margins of 1 inch.
• Type the paper in double space.
• Include your page numbers (minimum requirement is 5 pages not including cover
page, table of contents and references).
• On the cover page, include with your title, name, and date
• Write in APA/MLA style for formatting, citing, and references.

Management homework help


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