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  • Please carefully read the article below and prepare a response focused on the multicultural issues facing the professional health care workforce in the United States.

Rosenkoetter, M., Nardi, D., & Bowcutt, M. (2017). Internationally educated nurses in transition in the United States: Challenges and mediators. The Journal of Continuing Education in Nursing48(3), 139–144. doi: 10.3928/00220124-20170220-10
Your initial discussion response should capture the main focus of the article and provide substantive insight into the issues. You can highlight the pros and cons, offer options to address issues, or relate a professional experience. It is important to maintain professional decorum in all responses.
Your response must serve the objectives of provoking discussion and academic dialogue.

Select a cuisine you are NOT familiar with for further research. Write a profile for your selected cuisine as a discussion post. Include the four building blocks of the cuisine as defined in materials for the week. Also identify common dishes (and note whether they are for everyday consumption or special occasions). You may want to include other interesting information that you find.
-The cuisine I picked is the cuisine from Angola
-The four building blocks (Cuisine) are” foods + techniques + flavoring + cultural guidelines
-Connect to the class material if possible. (some info in the PowerPoint)
– Please use the article “Angola” from Bloomsbury Food Library, do not use other outside sources.
-On the next page is an example of how one of my classmates did.
Here is an example from my other classmate


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