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  • Individual written Assignment
  •   Material:

1. Case titled “BARGAINING PRICE WITH THE CHINESE” (Rob March) page 2  Answer ALL the following questions:

  1. “He realized the value of thinking like one’s opponent – seeing things as they do.” Explain what this means and give some examples to illustrate this view.
  2. “The Chinese insisted that custom required the visitor—Glazer—to make the first presentation. This he did, even though he was accustomed to allowing his opponents to speak first” What are the advantages and drawbacks of making the first offer?
  3. “Glazer could hardly believe that he had lowered his price twenty per-cent that week”: What does this tell you about Glazer’s ZOPA?
  4. What can we ‘assume’ about the way Glazer did his due diligence? Evaluate the approach.
  5. Name three tactics the Chinese used in the second meeting. Evaluate briefly how Glazer dealt with them.
  6. “Glazer remembered the tight deadlines he had faced on previous trips to China; now positions had been reversed, with the Chinese facing the
    pressures and deadlines.”: What does this tell you about Glazer’s preparation strategy for the negotiation?
  7. ”For the first time, the Chinese made a counter offer. Auger-Aiso accepted, and agreement was reached” Why do you thing Auger Aiso agreed at
    this point?
  8. “He believed that Auger-Aiso had been awarded the contract because it had been the preferred supplier right from the start” How does this
    belief relate to understanding the difference between distributive and integrative bargaining?
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