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 Final Course Project as a team  and I need the Powerpoint presentation for Lumentum Holdings Inc. for below mentioned 3 bullet points.  I will expect that you will provide effective analysis beyond just the bullets on the slides by use the “Notes” feature.  However, if you feel more comfortable with submitting a writeup of the background information in Microsoft Word. That is also fine more Rules can be checked out below.
1. Brief Overview of Company
2. Bond Financing
3.  Equity financing – dividends, stock growth
Stock market code: (LITE) LUMENTUM HLDGS INC
Things to research and report on should include, but are not limited to:
1. Brief company background should be included at the beginning of the presentation.
2. Present balance sheet, cash flows statement, and income statement for a 2-year period.
3. Select at least 5 ratios to report on and analyze. 
4. Using the annual report to discuss the company’s outstanding bonds; how many and what kind of bonds are outstanding; identify when they were issued, discuss the rating of these bonds and what that means, do a current valuation of the bonds or if there are many bonds, select a sample of these bonds and valuate them using the current rate of return in the market; what does the value tell you? 
5. Discuss the data in your research that deals with stock (prices, volume, symbol, etc.); discuss the historical prices of these stocks; valuate the stock and compare it to the market price of the stock; explain the possible reasons for being undervalued or overvalued; complete an investor return on these stocks; how is the investor’s return compared to some index (i.e. S&P 500).
In addition, you will want to report anything that you feel is pertinent to the content in this course. This also means incorporating information from your reading assignments as well as any other outside sources that might give you some insight into the organization’s use of financial markets. The due date for this assignment will be posted on the class website. This assignment will be graded with the grading rubric attached to this assignment.This assignment will be graded with the grading rubric attached to this assignment. The project will be submitted as follows: PowerPoint presentation (15-20 slides-not including the reference slide)
Use a minimum of 5 credible sources that are cited within the essay or presentation. • Include proper citation of any graphs or figures that you do not create yourself.


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