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Management homework help

This exam is open book: you may refer to the class  do online research in answering the questions. Each answer should be 25
Make sure that your answers are IN YOUR OWN WORDS.Do not copy text from the PowerPoints or from any other source unless you are quoting the source, in which case be sure to provide reference information.
Please write your answers on a Word document. If you do not have a laptop then please write your answers on paper.
Good luck.
1. Explain why the Nonprofit industry has grown. (40 points)
2. Discuss reasons why Nonprofits can be considered a separate industry from government and private sector. (30 points)
3. Explain the roots of Nonprofits in philanthropy, with reference to philanthropic activities on the part of wealthy, successful business leaders. Provide one or two examples showing the relationship between philanthropists and the nonprofit sector. (30 points)
Extra credit: Explain the difference between Elected Boards, Self-Perpetuating Boards, Appointed and Hybrid Boards, and Advisory Councils indicating advantages and disadvantages


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