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This is the third brief and once again it is an individual assignment. By now you should have a good handle on the process of building these papers and have had feedback from me on strengths and weaknesses. As you can see from Chapter 9, the subject of employee health and safety is a broad one. Since this is a relatively short paper, chose only one element of employee health and safety and good deep into the subject. Some ideas are workplace monitoring, substance abuse and drug testing, employment contracts, workplace security, workplace safety, OSHA, and others. Choose something of interest to you.
Remember to find strong references and use related in-text citations to support your work. Proofread for flow, tone, and organization.
briefs (short research papers) assigned for this class. Each paper will be 4 pages and will be in proper academic (APA) format. Each brief should be an overview of the topic and its applicability to the human resource management topics we are covering in class. These are not opinion papers or position papers. Assume the reader of the brief has no knowledge of the subject. Each brief must have at least 8 academic and /or professional references and related in-text citations.
workplace security, or  workplace safety pick one of those two.


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