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HIST 1302 Core Assessment Instructions:
Carefully read and analyze the following two documents and write a 700-word essay to answer the following question:
Based on the two documents, how has the racial history of the United States shaped racial relations in society today?
Having considered these questions, write an essay of at least 700 words that:
1. Makes a specific argument that can be supported with the specific historical evidence of these two primary documents, as well as lecture notes and the textbook assigned to your class;
2. Analyzes the historical significance of these two primary documents; and connect them with issues facing our country today;
3. Analyzes the nature of the race in the past and today;
4. Is written in standard English, with all sources and quotes properly cited using MLA format;
5. Is written in your own words, not copied and pasted from other sources or web sites;
6. Is submitted through eCampus, by clicking on the “REQUIRED HIST 1302 CORE OBJECTIVE ASSESSMENT ESSAY” link below.
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