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Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help. Marketing 420 Final Project
Winter 2020
Provide a complete advertising campaign for Billy Q’s located at 36901 Cook St, Palm
Desert, CA 92211 to complete the following goal.
Billy Q’s is located close to the CSUSB Palm Desert Campus in beautiful Palm Desert
California. The Palm Desert Campus food is limited to processed pre-package offerings
in the bookstore. Many students have requested affordable food offerings like pizza,
salad, and fresh sandwiches which Billy Q’s offers. Students were randomly asked
about Billy Q’s with the majority not aware of it. Billy Q’s is interested in communicating
better with the students about their restaurant and food specials. Design an advertising
campaign for Billy Q’s with a target market of CSUSB Palm Desert Campus students,
staff, and faculty with your campaign starting October 2020.
Alternative Media – You will need to use alternative media along with social media.
Many do not properly understand alternative media (use the book and Google). Social
media is not alternative it has been around for a while. Alternative are new ideas of
where to put a message, hopefully you will think of a new media idea. For example new
media was when brands started printing logos on the back of baseball style caps.
Found that people saw the back not the front of hat more often.
Coupons and discounts are a liability (accounting class) if you use them you need to
determine the percentage that will be redeemed and add the cost to your budget.
Sample Outline of Minimum Requirements for Advertising Project
• Advertising Communication Problem Characteristics and Goals
• Example: The CSUSB Palm Desert Campus students, staff, and faculty’s
lack of awareness of Billy Q’s
Who will this message be targeted to. Remember to narrow the Target Market since
you will be paying for all the audience members you choose. You could have a primary,
secondary, and even a tertiary markets.
You need to understand your target markets the unique experiences and lifestyle they
currently living and aspire to live.
• Age – provides customer history
• Gender –
• Marital Status – Family Life Cycle
• Income – individual, household
• Education – Social Status
• Employment – Type of
• Add the references and additional data
• Personal and group activities they are involved with
• How do they spend their time away from work
• Work days and non-work days
• How they feel about news, politics, business, advertising, there country, and the
• Add the references and additional data
Advertising Communication Recommendations
• Creative Strategy
• The “Big Idea”
• The Strategy
• The Tactics
• Message
• Type of Message and Creative Elements
• Message – the message creativity that provides something different
that gets the attention of the Target Market
• Action – the “the call to action” push/motivate to listen/watch
• Visual – how will the text and/or graphic message visually and
mentally connect
• Sample of message.
• Mandatory inclusions
• Script
• Layout
• Visuals
• Your sample advertisements
• Media Flight Plan (Sample Plan provided in Blackboard)
• The Mediums and Vehicles recommended with justification
• Major media not use justification
• Estimated costs per spot and campaign
• Media frequency by flight plan calendar
• Total Costs
• Promotions
• What promotions will you use to gain the needed attention of your target
• Provide an explanation of each promotion
• How will the promotion gain customer Interaction and Action
• Show promotions on Media Flight Plan
• Measurement
• How will you prove advertising and promotion effectiveness?
• What are your Benchmarks
• How and What will measure be measured
 Should be less than a page
 Overview of the problem, your solution, expected results, and “ask for account”
 APA Style
 Additional data
 Samples
 Etc

Marketing homework help


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