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Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help. The first step to creating a successful event is to properly identify a purpose and audience. On this board you will select an event from the list provided to start the development process. Event options as well as parameters are provided below and should be used as a guide for both discussion one and assignment one.


  • To creatively select an event
  • To begin the identification process of the target audience for an event
  • To interact with classmates and assist in creating a foundation for an event

Step One: Research & Lesson

  1. Textbook Reading The Complete Guide to Successful Event Planning
    Section 1: About This Book (Includes Chapters 1 – 3)
    Section 2: The Big Picture (Includes Chapters 4 – 5)
  2. Read the references listed here:
    Read the past student examples of event Visions, Goals and Objectives (provided with the assignment downloads)
    Read: Event Planning: Defining Event Goals & Objectives
    Read: Here’s how much you need to earn to live in 15 major US cities while still saving money
  3. Watch the Foundation and Target Audience Lessons below.


Step Two: Initial Post Instructions

  1. Follow these event selection parameters for all event selections:
    These parameters must be followed for discussion board and assignment 1.
    ⌾ Select a ONE-DAY event from the list below
    ⌾ 250 attendees or less
    ⌾ The event must be profit orientated (make a profit)
    ⌾ Avoid Fundraisers, charity or cause affiliated events or messaging
    ⌾ Avoid celebrity involvement
  2. Select a one-day event from the list below and provide the information required per event.
    Album release (small artist/group that is not well known)
    Name of the CD/event
    Brief evaluation of the target audience for the release
    Video Game (independently developed video game)
    Name of the game
    Type of game (FPS, role-playing, strategy, racing, sport related etc.)
    Brief evaluation of the demographics
    Fashion Show (new or up-and-coming designer and/or collaboration of boutiques)
    Name of the event
    Style/season (bathing suits, casual wear, business attire, bohemian, retro, urban
    wear, etc.) Be specific.
    Whether the event will feature one designer, many designers or focus on
    boutiques. (Choose 1)
    Brief evaluation of the target audience for the show
    Art Show (new or up-and-coming artist(s))
    Name of the event
    Medium (painting, photography, sculpture, urban art, etc.)
    Theme (nature, architecture, portrait, etc.)
    Whether the event will feature one artist or a collaboration of artists
    Brief evaluation of the target audience for the show
    Movie Viewing (new, independently produced film)
    Title of the movie
    Type of movie (horror, action, comedy, etc.)
    Brief movie description (1 statement to sum up what the movie is about)
    Brief evaluation of target audience for the viewing
    Entertainment Industry training or meeting (niche topic)
    Topic for the event
    Brief evaluation of target audience
  3. In addition to required information per event, also include a brief overview of how you picture this event to flow. Consider the following questions for your initial post.
    ⌾ What will take place at the event?
    ⌾ What will the look and feel of the event be for participants?
    ⌾ What type of location could suit the type of event?

Reminder: Once the Wednesday evening deadline has passed for the initial post, do not edit the post. This will result in a change of the timestamp for the initial post and a 20 point deduction. If you find that you need to add to your post simply reply to yourself with the added content.

Step Two: Response Post Instructions

  1. Provide feedback to a classmate, who has not yet received a response, to expand on their idea or research. This could include experiences pertaining to planning or attending a similar event and some suggestions you have from that experience, challenges that you foresee and ways to avoid them, or comments pertaining to the target audience.
  2. Additional information you have learned about the type of event you will be planning.
  3. Any other thoughts you’ve had about the topics learned this week.

ALL response posts must include researched information to support your new ideas or perspective and must be cited in APA format. A minimum of one (1) reference is required to support your opinions and ideas.
Do not limit the second discussion post to “I agree,” “That’s great” and so forth. Substantiate the position by using meaningful observations to corroborate it, such as professional experiences, relationships, and citing scholarly sources etc. when appropriate.  As a guide for high quality response posts, use the RISE model, which encourages the steps as outlined in the rubric.
The RISE Model:
Reflect: To recall, ponder, and communicate
Inquire: To seek information and/or provide ideas through questioning
Suggest: To introduce ideas for improvement of current iteration
Elevate: To raise to a higher degree or purpose of future iterations
References for target audience research:
1. Media Kits** for publications or Websites geared towards the content of the event. Find the “Advertise” or “Advertise with us” button generally at the bottom of the page. If a media kit is not available you can always reach out to the publication and request one. (See GTT for week one for examples)
2. Claritas My Best Segments
3. Census information for specific city research: www.city-data.com
If you come across additional helpful resources please feel free to share them with this class on the discussion board.
**If you have selected an event with a specific genre, then research publications or Websites related to similar events, artists or the genre.
Post deadlines & grade weights:
•    Initial post = Due Wednesday evening before midnight, 70% of final discussion board grade
•    Response post = Due Sunday evening before midnight, 30% of final discussion board grade

Marketing homework help


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