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Marketing homework help

Marketing homework help.  

Question 1: Based on the written case, summarize/describe the major issues or challenges facing the marketing team and Disney’s management when planning and launching the new theme park located near Paris.
Question 2: Have any of you visited a Disney Park outside the USA?
Please share your experience with the class. How does your experience compare to the information presented in the case history?
Question 3: Based on the case materials, explain how Disney maintains a consistent global brand.
Response 1: how they project the brand globally. Each park is constructed with very specific care and standards. Even though each park is located around the world, each time that you walk into a Disney park you get the same sensation. As stated in case materials the parks have something for everyone. Walt Disney’s vision has kept going with authentic cultural touches and themes tailored specifically to the location. With the different lands, everyone of all ages is able to enjoy a piece of the park and let their imagination run loose. Everyone who takes part in works at the parks has specific standards they have to meet so that every Disney stay is the same anywhere you go. The company has mastered training its employees to the highest standards, being cultured and catering to the Disney magic and exploring people’s imagination.
Response 2: Disney’s marketing team and management faced many issues when they tried launching the new theme park near Paris.  The first issue was the prices to enjoy the attractions and stay at the hotel.  Families weren’t  eager to spend the $280 for a day pass for the park, let alone spend even more to stay inside the hotel when they could spend less at one of the top hotels in Paris.  Hostility also arose during the planning process due to the inability to adapt to French culture and behavior. The food and drink menu that was offered was another challenge they had to face. Disney was misinformed that Europeans didn’t eat breakfast so when restaurants downsized their menus, and a mass of people showed up in the morning to eat, they had to adjust.  There was also a ban on alcohol in the park, which was a major issue since French people are the biggest consumers of wine.
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Marketing homework help


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