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Nursing homework help

Nursing homework help. N5528 Legislator Alternative Assignment Rubric SS2019

Title  Page
  Correct APA format 2
APA format errors 1
Missing or lacking APA format 0
Summarize the objectives and outcomes of the assignment. APA style, keywords,150- 200 words 1
APA format errors 0.5 more than 200 word, or less than 150 words. Keywords missing 0.5
Abstract missing or lacking APA format 0
Answer the questions
Research the individual’s history. These questions need to be answered prior to meeting:
What is their hometown? Where were they raised?
Are they married?
Do they have children?
What is their employment background?
What is their educational background?
What political parties are they affiliated with? (Republican, Democrat, Independent or other)
Why can political affiliation influence dialogue?
How long have they been in office?
Did they serve on any other elected boards prior to being elected to their current position?
What committees have they been involved with in the past and which committees do they currently serve?
What are common issues or interests that you both have interests in?
Have they been supportive of nursing/public health issues in the past?
Do they have any background in health care?
Questions added as an appendix with correct in- text citations and references in correct APA format. All questions answered. 7
Missing information, all questions not answered, incorrect APA format 2-6
Questions not attached. 0
Describe the process by which you looked up the required background information.
Describe the processes used to attempt to contact each one of your legislators.  What barriers did you encounter?
Search social media for one of your identified legislators. What platform does the legislator use most often?
What information is shared by your legislators regarding health care issues on social media?
Identify your one selected legislator’s vote on three healthcare related issues since being in office.
Four pages (not including title page, abstract, references or appendix), correct APA format. All topics addressed. 12
More or less than four pages, incorrect APA format, missing information 2-11
One page or less, does not address topics, no APA 0
Conclusion Restate the content succinctly. Correct APA format 1
APA format errors 0.5
Missing or lacking APA format 0
References Include the references for the body and appendix. Correct APA format 2
APA format errors 1
Missing or lacking APA format 0


Nursing homework help


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