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Nursing homework help

View the following video and answer the questions in your  initial posting.
My Name was Bette:  The Life and Death  of an Alcoholic (60 mins)

  1. Discuss the physiological and mental health effects of  alcoholism that you learned from watching this video.
  2. Describe how any of your opinions about alcoholism may  have changed or been reinforced after viewing this video.
  3. List three interventions that you, as a nurse, can do to  improve the health of your clients who have addiction issues.
  4. Please answer each question with 250-350 words and included a reference from a credible source. (APA Form)
    1. Discuss the value of research and its importance to integrating strategies into a curriculum.
    2. Research recent, within the past year, news concerning Common Core. Discuss a current article(s) explaining the positive and negative recent outcomes of Common Core.
  5. –>No plagiarism very important.
    –> should be between 1000-1200 words with references and following APA writing standards in word document.
    Using a Web browser and a search engine, search the terms “BP deepwater disaster plan failure.” You will find many results. Select one article and identify what that article considers a shortcoming in BP’s planning. What part ofthe contingency planning process came up short (IR, BP, or CP)? How could the shortcoming have been prevented?


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