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1. Write a brief essay of 300 words or more describing the history and background of OWASP. See the Vulnerabilities tab. Choose one of the vulnerabilities on the linked page and describe briefly.
2. Write at least 5 lines for each question below.
a. What kind of speech was the First Amendment written to protect?
b. Does the First Amendment apply only to spoken words?
c. What does it mean that laws regulating speech must be content neutral?
d. Why are common carriers prohibited from controlling the content of the material they carry?
e. How does the Supreme Court determine whether material is obscene?
f. Why have attempts to censor the Internet failed in the US?
g. Why not just ban spam?
h. Why did Facebook ban Alex Jones and Louis Farrakan?
i. Should websites that show how to 3d print guns be banned?
j. According to the Supreme Court ‘anonymity is a shield from the tyranny of the majority’. What does that mean?
apa format 5reference last 5 years  3international and 2 nationals  5citations   5 pages in content page 1 title author school page 2 abstract a short sumary of the article page3 introduction what are the hypotesis  for the paper methods used results  what were the results obtained discusion and conclusion  what are the thought  about the results  compared top other relevant theories references source of knowledge ,which you used .citing those  will give you credibility because good research is thought  to be based on other knowledge and empirical evidence


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