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In the response post, include the following:
• How do your results from the experiment differ from the original post of this student?
• In what ways do you agree, and disagree, with your peer’s responses?
Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.
Peers’ Initial Post
I decided that I was going to try to listen to my two favorite styles of music first which are Christian music and country. Then the other two I chose are heavy meatal and rap my two least favorite especially heavy metal.
When I listened to Country and Christian music while reading the article about the studies on the vaccines for covid 19, that it did not bother me at all to have both in the back ground. I feel that when I am stressed and trying to figure things out it is hard for me to concentrate. When I listen to Christian music and Country music, it’s the beat and temple that just calm my nerves and take away the feeling of stress. There is research that shows that listening to music lowers your cortisol levels which is a hormone that is responsible for feelings of stress and anxiety (Segaren, 2019). This made it actually easier for me to comprehend the article because it just calmed my mood and my mind stopped thinking about how stressful it was and because of that I didn’t have to read the paragraphs over and over.
When I listened to heavy metal, I could barely get through the first paragraph. I felt like my head was going to explode and I can not even listen to this music when I am not reading and comprehending something, how am I supposed to while reading? It is so loud and so angry; it actually gives me more anxiety and it made me feel angry. When music changes your mood for the worse and the heavy, hard pounding beats is going to make your head throb and not be able to keep your mind focused on the article.
Then you have rap music which is really fast and upbeat. It makes your mind concentrate on the music more because you are trying to figure out what they are saying half the time. It can be fun to listen to at some points, depending on the artist but not while you are trying to read and comprehend a difficult article. It does not quite give anxiety and anger like heavy metal, but it can make your mind overthink with the music being so fast while reading and trying to get something out of the article.
It’s very hard to be able to tell if having music in schools or on the job would help people or not. Everyone has their own taste in music and what can be in the background and not be a distraction. I know that I have walked into work and a station was on and I just could not think straight and when the station changed to country, I felt my nerves just melt a way and my mood changed to a happier beat. All music is different for every individual person and how it makes them feel. Some like silence to think and some like their choice music with words or without words. If I were to listen to Mozart without words while studying or working, I would fall asleep to any kind of job.


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