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AO discussion reply 1
After an implicit Association Test (IAT), unfortunately, I realized that I possess a strong automatic preference for Christianity over Islam. I didn’t know that I was biased over religion because I believe that all religions are equal and teach about almost the same thing. The stereotypes we hear about a particular religion might not be correct. Still, just because you don’t belong to that particular religion, one might be convinced that we have better beliefs than others. Most of the time, children follow a religion they found their parents believing when they grow up, and sometimes changing form the same when you grow up might be somehow challenging (Maina, 2018).
During my nursing practice, I will treat and care for every patient regardless of their religion. I will anticipate prayer rooms for every religion if the administration allows because by so doing, I will be trying to get rid of my irrelevant biases about religion. This move may help my other colleagues who might not be aware that they have a certain biasness they didn’t know.  Having such programs will also create harmony and respect between people of different religions.
Religions can result in significant division among people of different races, beliefs, and colors because it’s a comprehensive and critical aspect of human identification. Diversity in religions should be embraced, and stereotypes be discouraged because they can lead to biasness and irrelevant negative evaluation of people in society. Nobody deserves to be viewed differently because of their stand on religion because religion can’t define who we are but a character of an individual.
(I.N reply 2)
The IAT test that I took was the race test. Race (‘Black – White’ IAT). This IAT requires the ability to distinguish faces of European and African origin. It indicates that most Americans have an automatic preference for white over black. The results of my test were that I did not have no automatic preference between African Americans and European Americans. This is information I was currently aware of. I am a firm believer of equality and equal opportunities. Wyatt and Williams suggest that implicit biases are aimed toward European Americans over African Americans, these implicit biases create biased treatment, poor relationships and communication opportunities among patients and healthcare providers (p.555). I believe that no matter what everyone should be allowed proper health care services. Color, race, religion, age sexual orientation and other factors should never matter when health care is the topic. This information will allow me to provide unconditional compassion as a nurse and provide the health care service to all clients that they deserve no matter what.
A.U Reply 3
Did this video change your opinion on suicide?
Yes. The video made me have a new perspective on suicide. It made me take into account the victim’s feelings and think through what they might undergo up to deciding to commit suicide. Besides, I understood that everyone suffers from mental issues, and we should love and care for one another regardless of our differences.
What did the video teach you about suicide?
The video made me distinguish that the victims do not desire to take away their lives, but their closest people compel them. With no care or affection, they may feel disturbing their family members and being a burden to them. Consequently, one may choose to commit suicide to eradicate their pain and sorrow. Most of the victims feel loathed and abandoned (Turecki & Brent, 2016). On the other hand, despite the fact that they could be given love, their loved ones must express it to them.
When completing an initial assessment for a client with suicidal ideation, what are the most important pieces of information that should be captured?
The form of care in a suicide risk assessment necessitates the counselors to perform a comprehensive assessment when the victim displays any indications of suicide. They ought to form rational formulation menaces (Baldock, 2016). The important information which must be obtained comprises of:

  • Information concerning the suicidal behavior of the victim, in conjunction with his or her imagination.
  • Information concerning the victim’s health history.
  • Developing the information to a prevention-oriented suicide risk base connected to the victim’s.



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