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Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help.

This assignment assesses the following Course Outcome:
MT340-2: Recommend a process for building an effective team.
You have been asked to lead a team to solve a problem in your work environment. Write a paper describing how you will proceed. Discuss the process of structuration and some of the challenges that you feel that you might encounter as the group develops. Be sure to include task functions and relationships among the members. Do you feel that Gersick’s Two Phase Model or Tuckman’s model of group development is a better representation of the process that you will encounter? How will you help the group socialization and develop roles, norms, and the climate?
Review complete Unit 5 assignment details and rubric.
Once completed, submit your Assignment to the Unit 5 Assignment Dropbox. Assignments are due Tuesday 11:59 p.m. ET of their assigned unit

Operations Management homework help


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