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Operations Management homework help

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Activity P1 – Project Management Schedule
A. To complete this activity, you’ll need to download a spreadsheet with important information relating to the project from the P370 Oncourse site. Use the various data provided in the spreadsheet to analyze the project. Can Green Windmill achieve a product launch in 19 weeks? What is your recommended schedule?
a) Your analysis should include early start, early finish, late start, late finish, and slack calculations. You should also provide a Gantt chart of the proposed schedule. This schedule is not restricted to be either an early start, early finish, late start, or late finish schedule. You may schedule activities as you wish, so long as the final schedule is feasible.
b) If it is necessary to crash the project in order to achieve the desired due date, you should provide the calculations and Gantt chart for both the original project before crashing and for the final recommended schedule after crashing. For the “before” Gantt chart, show an early start, early finish schedule.
c) Note that your decision in Activity P2 may affect your schedule.
Activity P2 – Equipment Decision
A. With the objective of minimizing cost, determine the best course of action for Green Windmill to adapt to 12-oz. can production. Your analysis should include a clearly drawn and explained decision tree. Calculations should be given.
Activity P3 – Evaluating Suppliers
A. Order Policies. Determine the ordering policies for each of the three proposed suppliers. Show calculations. From a purely economic ordering perspective, which of the three suppliers would your team recommend Green Windmill use? How much does lead time contribute to cost?
Activity P4 – Evaluating Supplier Quality
A. Supplier Quality. Do all three of the suppliers seem to have their processes under control with respect to guarana content? From a quality perspective, which of the three suppliers would you recommend Green Windmill work with? Which would you recommend Green Windmill exclude from consideration? There is another spreadsheet on the P370 Oncourse site with information that is needed for this activity.
B. Final Choice. Based on the total picture of information, which supplier would you recommend Green Windmill contract with? Defend your reasoning.
Activity P5 – Operations as a Value Added Function
A. Describe how the operations function of this organization contributes to the value proposition of Green Windmill. This comprehensive essay should present a convincing discussion of how the operations function is a vital strategic weapon.
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