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Operations Management homework help

Operations Management homework help. Practice of the Future
You are the administrator of a mid-size multi-specialty clinic serving a rural area. Your clinic employs a wide range of practitioners – general and specialty physicians, mid-level practitioners (e.g. physician assistants, nurse practitioners), nursing, radiology/lab technicians, pharmacy, and administrative staff. The Board has approached you to weigh in on a proposal they have received to be acquired by a large integrated health system based in the city. The health system also has a PPO network. Using research, develop your position and submit a 3-5 page professionally written memo to the Board outlining your overall recommendation and positions on the following topics:

  • Pros and cons of staying a standalone clinic vs. becoming part of an integrated system. Pay special attention to the PPO aspect.
  • Implications on your ability to recruit and retain qualified practitioners in either situation using a short- and long-range plan based on descriptions, educational requirements, median salary information (you choose the area), and supply considerations for those practitioner types in the area you chose.


Operations Management homework help


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