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p Physiology homework help

p Physiology homework help.

Power Point Requirements:
Project is to be done in a Power Point Presentation
Include clear, well-sized, unlabeled images, include
Begins with background information   about the function of the body system and anatomical structures effected by   the medical condition. Discusses the consequences of malfunction of these   body systems and anatomical conditions and how they are caused.
Introduces the medical condition and   includes statistical facts related to its frequency of diagnosis and   prognosis.
Materials and Methods
Presenter understands the   methodologies used to collect data from the patient. The patient chosen is   logical for the medical condition and matched the picture included on the   poster as well as the anthropometric measurements. Includes symptoms   associated with the medical condition
Includes a large graph or table that   can be clearly seen by the audience. Using the results discusses the data and interprets its meaning.   Diagnoses patient.
Makes specific recommendations beyond   referral to a specialist doctor. Includes particular medications and their   purpose, prognosis, long term treatment plans, referrals to other allied   health professionals (PT, OT, RD)
The presenter uses medical vocabulary   associated the topic.
**Case report definition: In medicine,   a case report is a detailed report of the symptoms, signs, diagnosis,   treatment, and follow-up of an individual patient. They are the earliest form   of formal medical communication and learning between healthcare   professionals.
Choose images without labels or remove the labels. You will be expected to explain the images in your own words.
· Include key points and terms (use bullets, not paragraphs).
· Show the anatomy briefly and progress to show physiology.
· Boards should be creative and visually appealing.
· Include four (4) references cited in current APA format and Include at least one non-Internet source.
Presentation Requirements:
Present the anatomy and physiology of your topic.
Anatomy should be briefly covered, and physiology should be explained in depth. You will be expected to refer to and explain the images, terms, and key points.
· Specifics
· Describe anatomy
· Describe and discuss physiology in depth
· A minimum of 4 references cited in current APA format (include at least one non-Internet source). You may not cite instructor handouts or notes.

p Physiology homework help


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