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Philosophy homework help

Philosophy homework 

Talk about the existence of God. You can talk anything about the existence of God.  write about 300 words for each answer, i need 3 answers in total, that is 900 words in total. 

Here is the course link: 


There is a sample answer, you can answer in this way. 

I do not believe there is a god or any higher being that controls people lives. I do however believe in the teaching of morality and ethics that is associated with the various religions. At this time in society, I find many young people, who would have been taught and had inforced the religious laws and morals in school, are lacking this teaching today at school and home. 

Many people now have a more critical way of looking at life, and without “proof” or validation something like the existence of god must not be true. Personally, I do feel this way, I have not discovered or had definitive proof reviled to me there is a god, so I do not accept its exitance. In a way ‘God’ is a species we have yet to discover, there is a possibility it exists, but we will never be certain until there is physical evidence brought before the eyes of the world.

Instead of an all powerful being creating and dictating life and how humans must live I prefer to believe in more of mother nature and the balance of life. The Gaia Theory sums up most of my thoughts on how life continues on the earth. What happens in the world around us is dictated by what we input into the environment around us. Almost like karma where if you pollute the world and people around you by dumping toxins or expressing immoral behavior the world around you will give back the same.

God or no god, proof or no proof, you must still be taught the values that have stemmed from religion, but also realize the atrocities that have come with it, deciding your character and place in the world.


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