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Physiology homework help

Physiology homework help.

  • Signature Assignment – worth 400pts:For the assignment this week you will develop a PowerPoint presentation and have a choice between:
    • Writing extensive speaker notes in the PPT in the notes section (without audio) – upload the PPT to the dropbox
    • -OR-
    • Developing a recorded video as an audio of the slides which offers an audio of the speaker notes. This choice will require it to be recorded in a program that allows the recording to be uploaded as an mp4 into the dropbox (screencast-o-matic works for this) or share the direct link to the video (YouTube works for this). – keep this under 7 minutes if possible
    • The PPT should consist of a title slide as the first slide, an objective slide as the second slide (what you will be going over in the presentation), 17 content slides, and a reference slide. – that is a total of 20 slides. Please review the course directions and the Rubric for the Signature Assignment.
    • For this assignment you will be considering multisystem issues, specifically renal, pulmonary, circulatory. The slides should consist of:
      • Title Slide (1 slide)
      • Objective slide (1 Slide)
      • Choose one specific illness, disorder, disease and explain (2-3 slides)
      • *Describe interrelationship with renal, pulmonary, circulatory systems
      • *Identify/describe how an alteration in one system may affect one or more of the other two body systems
      • *Explain how the body tries to compensate for a disorder, with assistance or reliance on another body system

(*these 3 items above should be at least 15 slides total)

  • Reference slide (1 slide)
  • PPT Tips:
    • Keep the words minimum on the slides and explain the content further in the speaker notes section of the PPT or in the audio. The notes section is explained in the webinar below.
    • Please notice that the Rubric has as two heavily weighted criterion that must be met to gain these points and are often missed by students:
      • Criterion: Presentation Weight: 20% – this requires a colorful design (not just white background) and all the slides organized professionally with a title, objective, and reference slide.
      • Criterion: Use of Multimedia, Graphics, Diagrams, and/or Illustrations Weight: 20% – this requires at least three pictures, diagrams, or smartart


  • Please review the BIO2220 How to Gain Full Points on Assignmentsdocument shared in Week 1 for more directions on expectations for PPTs and also this webinar for formatting, citing, and referencing in PPTs: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cqhZqgT2Fu

Again, important requirements for this week: 


Physiology homework help


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