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For Part 1, independently compare and contrast your school’s plan to components of SW-PBIS by answering the following 4 questions. Your responses should be clear, succinct, and convey sufficient information.

  1. What is the current school-wide discipline approach? Briefly summarize school-wide expectations for your setting. Include in your summary a description of the level of consistency among classroom expectations across settings, as is evident from the school plan (for what’s not evident, indicate that).
  1. Given the descriptions of SW-PBIS (refer to S&H Ch. 3), what are the major similarities with a PBIS School? Note: If you have few similarities, this section will be very short.
  1. Given the descriptions of SW-PBIS (refer to S&H Ch. 3), what are the major differences with a PBIS School? Note: Even if you are a PBIS school, you may realize you do have differences from what PBIS should be.
  1. For your school, what are your suggestions for growth? Note: If you are a PBIS school with few differences described above, consider whether things are perfect at your school. If so, what are ways to maintain what exists? Are there improvements needed for what’s supposed to be in place? If not, then what are the next steps to “grow” the school’s PBIS model?


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