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Marie is 32 years old and has a three-year-old daughter. She has always had a fear of birds, but recently this has escalated. Marie constantly checks the sky for signs of birds when she is outside. She is now afraid of hanging her washing out and is even checking her windows for signs of birds. She has been asking friends to take her daughter to nursery and has missed work on many occasions as she has been too afraid to leave the house. She was unable to attend her daughter’s sports day and couldn’t accompany her on a field trip to a local farm. She often asks her mother to take her daughter to the park or to collect shopping for her. Marie’s husband is becoming increasingly concerned and has cancelled the family holiday as a result of Marie’s phobia. Marie’s mother recently told her of an incident that occurred when Marie was a baby in which she was pecked on the face by a magpie. Marie has no recollection of this. Marie is now becoming depressed and has been asked to attend a meeting at work to discuss her continued absence and possible termination.
Explain Marie’s behaviour and suggest one possible behavioural therapy and one form of CBT .


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