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Cultural Diversity in International Negotiation

Cultures can have very different approaches to defining and using power. Failure to understand the power strategies of the other culture can lead to stagnant negotiations, frustration, and even complete cessation of talks. Greater understanding of each party’s power strategies can create opportunities for leverage and positive negotiated outcomes.  
For the first paragraph of your posting, discuss some of the conflict resolution theories that are available from your course text and other research. The application of conflict resolution theories in intercultural situations is complex. What can we learn from conflict resolution theories for use in multi-cultural negotiation and leadership?
For the second paragraph of your posting, select any one of the following bullet points and address all elements of your chosen bullet point. Select a different bullet point section than what your classmates have already posted so that we can engage several discussions on relevant topics. If all the bullet points have been addressed, then you may begin to re-use the bullet points with the expectation that varied responses continue.

  • Describe the power strategies of Asian negotiations. The applications of these power strategies include blaming, shaming, face-saving, threats, and acts of ultimatums. Also included are acts and recommendations of power people in places of authority. What are implications of these types of strategies for international negotiations? 
  • Evaluate the influence of individualism versus collectivism to the international negotiation process, particularly with respect to use of power and decision making.
  • How can effective international negotiators and their teams prepare themselves for foreseen power 
  • strategies in the international arena? What strategies can international negotiators enable when in environments of hostile power strategies? 

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