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In the next few weeks, you will be learning a lot about leadership theories.  For now, review the following online resources for an initial overview some of the main leadership theories.
MindTools. (2016). Core leadership theories:  Learning the foundations of leadership. Retrieved from https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/leadership-theories.htm (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)
Leadership-central. (2016). Leadership theories.Available online at http://www.leadership-central.com/leadership-theories.html#axzz4EUWgpVfR (Links to an external site.)
Zigarelli, M. (2013).  Ten leadership theories in five minutes.  [Video file]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/XKUPDUDOBVo (Links to an external site.)
Review the Leadership Theory Paper instructions under Week 6. In this discussion, identify the three distinct psychological theories of leadership you will be using as the basis of your Reflective Paper and briefly discuss your rationale for selecting each theory (2-3 sentences per theory). (I will he using the behavioral theory, trait theory and transformational theory)
Diversity and Leadership
In this discussion post, you will also go beyond an initial comprehension of leadership theories and approaches. Additionally, it is important to understand the influence of leadership theory on issues of diversity in education and the workplace. Choose one of the following articles focusing on different aspects of diversity and leadership:
Jogulu, U. D., & Wood, G. J. (2006). The role of leadership theory in raising the profile of women in management. Equal Opportunities International, 25(4), 236-250. doi:http://dx.doi.org/10.1108/02610150610706230
St John, E.,P., Rowley, L. L., & Hu, S. (2009). Diversity and leadership: A study of high-achieving students of color. The Journal of Negro Education, 78(1), 17-28.
Discuss your reaction to what the authors of the article have to say about barriers in place that limit women’s and/or minorities’ access to leadership roles.


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