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Self-Assessment Portfolio
This assignment asks you to reflect upon your own interpersonal communication skills and evaluate your effectiveness as a communicator in interpersonal situations. There are a variety of self-assessments to choose from and the documents containing these assessments are in a folder on the course CelticOnline page. Choose 10 assessments to complete and make sure to complete the assessment first before reading more about what the assessment attempts to measure. Try to choose a variety of assessments to obtain a well-rounded understanding of your interpersonal communication skills.
After completing the assessments, for each assessment you will need to complete a 2-page assignment in which you need to address the following concerns:

  • Description —describe the exercise/assignment using the concepts discussed in class and in the textbook.
  • Purpose —identify the purpose of the exercise by relating the exercise to the principles or theories discussed in class, in the textbook, in additional readings, and/or additional information provided about the assessment.
  • Analysis —analyze the process of the exercise, i.e., what you learned and how you came to realize key concepts related to the purpose; analyze your strengths and limitations related to this competency.
  • Self-Assessment —conclude your report by stating how principles learned can be applied to your personal communication skills and/or your success in interpersonal relationships; what have you learned to help you develop this competency?

I suggest you complete assessments as we cover the corresponding material in class. Additional documents contain original research that cover the purposes and definitions of each assessment.
BE SURE TO GIVE PROPER CITATIONS FOR WORK/IDEAS/CONCEPTS THAT ARE NOT YOUR OWN. Each assignment should have a reference sheet where you site your sources that contributed to your understanding of that assessment.
Your Self-Assessment Portfolio is due at the end of week 8. Please compile all the materials into one document. Each assessment should be included with your responses noted, followed by its reflection assignment and then the reference sheet. This order will occur 10 times for all 10 self-assessments. You will be penalized for lack of organization in this manner. This portfolio is worth 100 points.


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